Body Parts of Animals and Their Functions

Like humans, animals have body parts too. Some body parts are common to all animals like the head, the body and the legs. But there are body parts that are not common to all animals. Here are some:

An elephant has a long nose called the trunk. It is used to get food. It is also used for digging, grabbing, lifting, sniffing, and breathing.

A fish has gills used for breathing. It has fins and tails used for swimming. And it has scales to protect its body.

A snail has a pair of head tentacles similar to the horns of some animals. These tentacles are their sensory organ. They are used for feeling and smelling. A snail has a shell for protection.

A bird has wings used for flying. It has beak used for picking up foods. Its feathers keep its body warm. And its claws to hold on to branches.

A grasshopper has antennae to protect itself from enemies. They are also useful as organs of taste and touch.