Fireboy and Watergirl is a flash game that can be played solo or with a friend. Each player controls either Fireboy, who can survive contact with lava, or Watergirl, who can safely traverse water. By using the unique properties of these characters, the player overcomes challenges and guides the duo to the exit.

There are 5 games in the series Fireboy and Watergirl, which all have similar gameplay . Even though the core aspects are identical throughout the series, there are differences in the environment and specific challenges faced from title to title. Cooperation is the main tenant of a successful campaign, since there are certain points that need coordinated effort from both Fireboy and Watergirl to continue.

For example, there may be a locked door that impedes the player’s progress. The door can only be opened with a switch, however this switch is guarded by lava. Once Fireboy flips the switch, he’ll need to stand and hold the door open so that Watergirl can pass through. Then, on the other side of the door, there may be another way for Watergirl to open the path for Fireboy to meet her. Other gameplay goals include collecting items and solving levels within a certain amount of time. The first game in the series introduces the titular heroes and teaches new players how to operate the controls. The game is basic and takes the team through many puzzle rooms.

In the second series, the siblings must overcome the light castle in order to gain their freedom. This time, there are even more secrets and tasks to complete. In the third game, they are stuck in the ice castle. Inside the ice castle are a horde of baddies and traps just waiting to ruin the elemental duo’s day. In the fourth game, the crystal castle brings a fresh quest to the heroes. There is a huge amount of bonus crystals that are available in this adventure – but there are just as many enemies lurking around!

The atmosphere of this game is depressing and bleak, so there’s no doubt that players will want to escape as quickly as possible. The fifth game has the heroes trekking through a magical forest. There are now upgrades that the duo can find which will boost their abilities. Along with the usual obstacles of fire and ice, a new group of plant-based dangers like thorny roots are waiting to attack the player. Overall, this is a great series that utilizes multiplayer puzzle mechanics to create a memorable experience.

The puzzles are engaging and unique in each screen, which means that fans of thoughtful platforming will feel right at home playing one of these games. The music is relaxing, however it also points out the ominous danger that these two characters face. Also, the graphics are about the same for each title, except that the character designs and environments are slightly improved in the later installments. Someone should start at the first title and continue from there, since there are new mechanics that are introduced in every version.