What Are Flash Games Made In

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Flash games are online video games coded using the Adobe Flash multimedia platform. 

Flash is able of showing screen messages, vector graphics as well as raster graphics to produce computer animations and computer games. It allows streaming of audio and also video recording, and also may capture computer mouse movements, computer keyboard, mic and also camera input.

Flash is also utilized to build user interfaces as well as HUDs for 3D online video games while making use of Scaleform GFx, a modern technology that provides Flash web content within non-Flash video recording games. Scaleform is sustained in more than 10 major computer game engines such as Unreal Motor, UDK, CryEngine as well as PhyreEngine, and has been used to provide 3D user interfaces for much more than 150 major online video game titles due to the fact that its launch in 2003.

Along side Flash, a few more applications were introduced to expand upon the capabilities of the Flash platform while assisting in developing flash games, such as Adobe AIR (this software allows porting games to PCs and mobile platforms), Adobe Scout (this software enhances the performance of the Flash platform ), CrossBridge (this software allows for easy conversation of software written in C++ to the Flash platform), as well as Stage3D (this software allows the usage of the GPU for running games faster). 3D frameworks such as Away3D and also Flare3D allows makes it easier to produce 3D assets to use in the Flash platform.

Due to those developments, now you can find Flash games on any major platform, from PC to mobile and even video game consoles. Even some games that were not built using the Flash platform, might use some components of the Flash platform in their assets, which means Flash is truly used all around us. 

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